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What is health checkup?

Like many people, you may schedule a yearly checkup or “annual physical” with your doctor. It usually includes a health history, physical exam, imaging and laboratory tests. Regular health checks can help to identify early warning signs of disease or illness. Heart disease, diabetes and some cancers can often be picked up in their early stages, when treatment may be more successful. Early detection of diseases through regular health screening can make a major impact on the effectiveness and cost of treatment later on.

Medical Checkup Center

Our health screening services are suitable for both individuals and employees of corporate organizations.


Our Medical Checkup Center is a one-stop health screening center that caters to all your health screening needs utilizing modern diagnostic equipment and testing. If you are worried about something specific such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease or stroke in your close family, you can also ask our doctor. Our doctor may recommend others according to your individual situation. (e.g. Many factors, such as your age, health, family history and lifestyle choices and chronic diseases)

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