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Diabetes Clinic

Do not want to lose your leg because of diabetes

Diabetes Clinic has been already opened at OSC Hospital now.

It is necessary to get the treatment

  1. to reduce diabetic complications and
  2. To relieve current diabetes symptoms.

Because of diabetic complications, foot veins are blocked so that it can decay feet and it might lose the whole feet. If you want to prevent from losing your feet and get the treatment in time, you can check your nerves using the advanced equipment which are the latest and check whether you have good blood circulation or not at OSC Hospital.

Investigations include

  1. to check up the numbness of nerves (Vibrasens)
  2. to check the blood clot in legs (Vascular Doppler: ABI) 3. to check foot numbness (Monofilament Test)

There is a good news for you. If you want to ask the information of Diabetes Clinic in details, you can inquire

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