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Our OSC Hospital tries our best to let our customers be convenient. OSC Imaging Service takes responsibilities to the customers, who come to our OSC Hospital to diagnose the diseases, in order to be time-saving and get the accurate results 24/7 a day. In OSC Imaging Service, our OSC Hospital diagnoses the diseases using the latest international machines imported from Germany, Japan and others within a short time.

The latest machines to diagnose the diseases are

Echocardiogram is similar to Ultrasound. It is a test which uses sound waves to produce live images of the heart. In addition, it can be assessed the overall functions of the heart in details. Furthermore, there is no radiation to the patient. Moreover, there is no side effect of Echocardiogram.

Echocardiogram can diagnose the followings.

  1. It can be evaluated whether the patient has got the congenital heart disease or not and whether the heart is enlarged or not. In addition, it can accurately be examined the leakage of the blood if the valve flaps of the heart do not close properly by checking the flow of the blood in the heart. It can precisely be inspected the heart valves which are sored or not.
  2. It can be diagnosed the heartbeat whether it is normal or not.
  3. It can accurately be calculated Ejection Fraction of the heart’s muscles.
  4. It can also be diagnosed whether the pumping ability of the muscle walls declines or not.
  5. It can be examined whether there are fatty deposits (plaque) or not which can lead to blood clot and stroke.
  6. After making an assessment of the heart’s functions from the result of Echocardiogram (Echo), it can be made decisions to the patients whether they can withstand any types of operations for the pre-operative assessment.

As our OSC Imaging  Services  use X-Ray machine that  can be used for standard x-rays and blood injection x-ray which is necessary for the parts of the body by using CR FLEX Digital by combining with the imaging technology, we provide the good quality X-Ray images.  As our X-Ray can be reduced the amount of radiation exposure, it can be reduced the dangers from the radition which is unwelcome.

C-arm X-Ray machine can also be used while the patient is doing the operation at the same time. For example, it can be used to monitor  the progress in the injury and  Orthopedic surgeries related with bones.

4D Ultrasound

It  is the latest 4D Ultrasound technology.

It can also be watched the motion of the baby like watching a movie or a video.

It can also be assessed the real images of the fetus’s face, nose and lips whether they are normal shapes or not. (fetus means a young human being in the womb, the uterus)

Advantages of 4D Ultrasound

It can be displayed the closest shape of the baby.

It can also be displayed the cute movements of the baby like smiling, yawning,  wiggling which means the movements of fingers or toes.

During the pregnancy,

It can be assessed the pregnancy and other suspected conditions.

It can also be examined the irregular parts of the baby and other irregular defects.

It is also like the standard ultrasound without any harms to the mother and the baby.

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